Monday, February 10, 2014

Paws Awhile - Weekend in Atlanta

My friend Lisa and her band would be playing at Howard's in Smyrna on Saturday.  I couldn't miss that, so I left the condo remodel in the very capable hands of Handyman Herb and headed for Atlanta.

I got a window seat on the plane so I had a good view of the Atlanta skyline and the other Delta Jet that was AWFULLY close!

Tony picked me up at the airport. I just had time to shower off the sheet-rock dust and we headed for Howard's. Lisa and the Rockaholics put on a great show. Lisa is celebrating her birthday this quarter.  That's right, I said QUARTER. She has one-upped my birth-month celebration.

We had home-owner stuff to catch up on in Smyrna. First, the shower was leaking. Tony had called a plumber and left a message but I didn't want to wait. I found a youtube video of a 9 year old girl repairing leaky shower faucet. I figured if she could do it, we could do it. I even made my own youtube video.

Next, we needed to go over to our Smyrna condo to check on the progress of the exterior painting.

Last, was yard work. I did some light trimming of the shrubbery in front of the house and then suggested to Tony that we clean up the nether-lands in the back yard. This was a huge job. After cutting a few limbs though, the chain-saw threw a blade. We had to leave the job half finished. We rewarded ourselves with dinner at Outback.

This morning, Tony dropped me at the airport for the first flight to Jacksonville. It was an exciting non-rev experience, waiting by the counter for my name to be called. I got a nice aisle seat!

When I drove up to Sand Dollar Villas, I saw the ceiling of the parking deck had a huge hole in it with water dripping out. At first I thought it was our unit but thankfully (for us) realized that it was the one next door.

When I got to Paws Awhile, nobody was here. Herb had told me that he had an outside job he needed to do if the weather was nice and it was very nice! The ceiling was still half covered in popcorn so I grabbed a chair and a scraper and finished the job.

I was covered in popcorn dust after the job.

I had made arrangements to meet Bob, the cabinet guy at 2:00PM. There was a bit of confusion about where we were going to meet. Bob was at Paws Awhile and I was at Bob's office. I headed back to the condo and we went over the cabinet order and re-measured everything. Bob will order the cabinets today and then it takes 4-6 weeks for them to be manufactured.

After Bob left, I grabbed a chair and a book and headed for the beach. It is a good week to be here, especially with the threat of winter storms in Atlanta again.

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