Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paws Awhile - Moving Home

Yesterday was sanding day for the sheetrock.  I wasn't exactly asked to leave, but if I had stayed, I would have been sealed in the bedroom with no heat while the sanding was going on. So I packed up a few things and left for the day.

First, I went to Starbucks. I ordered a large coffee. This was a mistake. See, I usually drink one cup of very weak coffee per day. Starbucks doesn't know how to make weak coffee. By the time I drank 1/4 of the cup, I had the shakes. On top of that, the only place I could find to sit was near the door which was almost constantly swinging open letting in folks for their morning coffee. So, between shaking from the caffeine and the cool breeze, I didn't get much done on my PC.

I decided to go to my friend Nancy's house. She wasn't there but she didn't mind if I spent the day there. I worked on doing income taxes for several hours and then decided I needed to get some exercise. I walked up Will Hardee to Sadler. I did a little shopping at Beal's. They were having a great sale - all of their discounted merchandise was another 50% off! It was almost like they were paying me to shop!  When I left Beal's it was raining so I ran next door to Barbaritos for a late lunch.  I really like Barbaritos!  They have a healthy chicken salad that reminds me of Willie's.

When I got back to Nancy's, I was tired of doing taxes so I watched some TV and did some knitting.  I have been working on the same baby blanket for 6 months.

I decided to order a pizza from Dominos & pick it up on my way back to Paws Awhile but when I tried to shut down my computer, it said, "Installing 1 of 14 updates...  do not unplug or turn off your computer". How annoying! So I left the computer while I picked up my pizza then went back to Nancy's to eat it while the computer finished its thing.

When I got back to the condo it was dark. The sanding looked like it was complete and almost all of the plywood flooring was down.

I slept at the condo. I got up early this morning and packed up to move back to Atlanta for awhile. I listened to a book on the way home and the 6 hour drive went quickly.

I'm glad to be home for a bit but I hate to miss out on the progress at the condo. I can't wait for it to be finished!

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