Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Paws Awhile - Handyman Herb is a Hero!

I'm just crazy about Handyman Herb!  There is nothing that man can't do!  He's making great progress on the condo and fixing things left and right. Today he found a touch of mold growing on the back of the baseboard molding so he ripped out the sheetrock behind it and found a leaky pipe.

After he fixes that, we should have no more leaks and no more mold!

While Herb worked on sorting out the electricity, John worked on removing the closet wall so we can make a bigger space for the fridge. What you are looking at here is a view from the master bedroom closet into the kitchen.

Coastal Telecom arrived around 10AM to discuss moving the telephone line. The project manager who came by to assess the project could not determine a good way to move the line. He decided that we would need to pull a new cable from the phone room to our unit and splice the wires. He said he would need to discuss the project with his boss. A few minutes later, his boss called me and told me that it was a very complex project and would take 1-2 days and cost $1500-$2000.  I told Handyman Herb what they said and he said he can move the wires and expects it to take 45 minutes!  Go Handyman Herb go!  What a hero!

I was planning to catch a 1PM flight out of Jacksonville so I had to leave for the airport right after the Telecom guy. I hated to leave and miss all of the progress but Handyman Herb assures me he will text me pictures of the progress.  What a hero!

Lucy and I got the last seat on the flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta - literally!  We were the last standbys boarded and we got the window seat on the last row.  I had arranged for my friend Karla to pick me up at the airport and I would ride home with her since she just lives around the corner.  I got in a couple of hours before she gets off from work so I went back to the office to hang out until she was ready to go.  It was fun wandering around the building and visiting with old friends! Lucy enjoyed vacuuming the floor around everyone's cubicles. She found lots of crumbs!

Tomorrow I will get my hair cut, my teeth cleaned and run some errands.  Hopefully my hero will text me some pictures of his progress that I can share with you!

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