Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paws Awhile - My Day Off

It was nice having a day off from the remodel to get a few things done around Atlanta!  My hair is cut, my teeth are clean, the bills are paid and I caught up with some friends!

But my day off is over and I am back at the condo.  I flew in this morning and decided to drive into Jacksonville to look at granite for the countertops. I was encouraged by what I found at Empire Surfaces. The nice man there gave me to big chunks of granite to bring back and decide which one I like.

Costco just happened to be on the way back from the Granite place so I stopped in...  at lunchtime...  So, you can probably guess what I had for lunch.  Samples! Salmon, bagel bites, chicken tenders, tater chips...  whatever they were handing out. I picked up some new cookware for my new kitchen and a few other LARGE grocery essentials.

I called Handyman Herb when I left Costco to see if he needed me to stop by Lowes or Home Depot to pick anything up.  He wasn't even at my house!  He had an emergency at another customer's house, but he said his helper, John, was at my place working on tearing out the rest of the floor.

When I got to the condo, I found they had stacked the tile in front of the refrigerator. These people are NOT Lego Packers!  I had to move the tile to open the frig, and to make room for the dishwasher which will be delivered tomorrow.

I got a look at Herb's handywork on the telephone cable.  It looks a little like a rat's nest but nobody is complaining that their phone doesn't work so I guess its all good!

The electrical work is done.

The popcorn is gone from the ceiling!

The closet has a wall now.

Herb came back at around 6 o'clock and replaced the leaky pipe. He showed me the drain from the sink that he removed and it was so clogged, its amazing it would drain at all.

I ordered the new sink today!  Tomorrow I'm going to sign the order for the cabinets!!

It won't be much longer now!

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