Monday, July 14, 2014

Adult Booster Seat

Tony called home from work with an unusual request. He wanted a booster seat for his chair at work. He needed it to be about 3 inches thick.

Coincidentally, while Lucy and I were out for our morning walk, we had seen a large sheet of eggshell foam rubber in the neighborhood next to ours with someone's garbage.  One person's trash is another person's treasure (mine!).  I jumped in the van and hurried over to get the foam rubber.

Once I  got the foam rubber home and sat on it, I realized that, although it was thick enough, it would not be stiff enough to provide the "boost" he needed.

I thought the perfect solution would be one of those boat cushions that double as a flotation device. I checked the Good Will Store first to see if they had something that would suffice. There was one life jacket, but no seat cushions.  Sports Authority didn't have any cushions either, but they did have an inexpensive wake board that would make a good base for the booster seat.

I cut the wake board in half using a kitchen knife.

Tony said he wanted the two pieces stacked on top of one another with a layer of the foam rubber on top.

I was afraid this would be too tall, but being the dutiful wife, I made the booster seat as he requested using the techniques I talked about in a previous blog:

I didn't have a zipper long enough for the task, so rather than go out and buy one, I decided I would just hand sew the final seam.  But before I finished the final seam, I asked him to take it to work and try it out.  Sure enough, he brought it back home & deemed it too tall.

I remade it with just one layer of wake board and one layer of foam rubber.

This time I was so sure it would be perfect that I went ahead and finished the final seam.

Sure enough, when Tony got it to work, he decided it was perfect, giving him just the "boost" he needed to get his work done!  

I want to keep my Sugar Splenda Daddy happy at his job so he'll keep supporting my expensive habits (like travel & embroidery).