Thursday, July 14, 2011


I heard the cutest conversation in the restroom of the Sky Club on a recent trip.  A little girl in the stall to my left told her mother (in the stall to my right) that her little brother has a new nickname.  "It's Nat, but not K-N-A-T like the bug, even though he's little..."  The mother responded, "Gnat is spelled G-N-A-T."  "No", the little girl... corrected, "it is K-N-A-T because knit is K-N-I-T."  Mother: "Yes, it is."  Little girl:  "No, it's not."  Mother: "Yes, it is."  Little girl:  "No, it's not."
Finally, I chimed in from the middle stall, "Yes, it is."
"Thank you", came from the Mom's stall.
"Oh", said the little girl, "then knit is G-N-I-T."
This kid could get all tied up in K-N-O-T-S trying N-O-T to make a mistake!