Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dirt Track

We've gone from Sink Hole to Dirt Track in a matter of a few days!  The sink hole is fixed, thank goodness!  J&J did a great job of installing the new pipe!

They had to take down the fence in the back of our property to remove the old rusty pipe.

The new plastic pipe should last forever, or at least as long as we live here.  It is smooth on the inside too so water will not stand in the ridges like it did in the corrugated metal pipes.

Getting the new pipes positioned took some finesse, but these guys really seemed to know what they were doing!

They sloped the pipes more toward the creek to get better water flow so we will be less likely to have another problem.

Once they got everything covered up, the yard was in pretty sad shape.  We had very little grass left and there was a hump in the middle where the previous owner had built a putting green.  We discussed it with Jerry and decided that he would smooth over the entire yard and make it slope toward the corner to avoid future drainage problems.

So, what little grass we had left has been decimated, so now we can rival Dixie Speedway with our dirt track!

We got a bid for landscaping and we are still reeling from the cost.  Right now, the dirt is looking pretty good.  Maybe we could just spray paint it green.

We'll keep you posted, but if you come over for a party in the backyard, be sure to bring your mud stompin' boots!

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