Monday, June 15, 2015

The Pediatricians' Ball!

My life-long friend and college roommate, Joyce contacted me on Monday to say that the Pediatricians' Conference would be on Amelia Island the following weekend. She asked if I would be on the island.  I hadn't planned to, but why not?  Especially when she said I could be her +1 at the President's Reception (which I chose to refer to as "The Pediatricians' Ball") at the Ritz.

I got up early Friday and caught the 7:25AM flight to Jacksonville, picked up the car and drove to Paws Awhile. I made a couple of stops in Yulee to look for some beachy looking towel hooks for the new bathroom (no luck). While I was out & about, I got a text message from my permanent Amelia Island resident girlfriends asking about meeting for lunch at Bar Zin. Of course I would!

Joyce had a couple of morning meetings at the conference but she was able to join us for a late lunch after which we walked on the beach and practiced playing bocce ball for the later tournament.  Terri, Eddie, John & Susan kicked our butts at bocce ball & then we had dinner at the Surf.

Saturday morning, Joyce and I rode our bicycles to the Ritz for her conference. She "valet" parked her bicycle and I rode on to the Ace Hardware to continue my search for towel hooks (success!).  On the way back to Paws Awhile, I spotted a neighborhood garage sale in Isle De Mai so I stopped by but nobody had any great bargains on anything I needed.

Back at home, I mounted my new towel hooks.  Aren't they cute?

Maybe not an optimal solution but given the amount of wall space I had left when the remodel was finished, it works pretty well.

When Joyce got back from the conference, we drove down to Sandy Bottoms for lunch with Terri and Eddie. Sandy joined us later. It was a beautiful afternoon feeling the cool breeze off of the ocean. The specialty drink of the day was a yummy peach bellini!

We got home in time to change into our formal attire for the Pediatricians' Ball.

We drove to the Ritz since it would have been difficult to bicycle in my formal gown! :)  I felt sure there would be a red carpet with paparazzi all around but no!

We were greeted by a roving waiter serving crab claws. We found our friend Sally (a past president & Pediatric Royalty). Note how the angle of the camera takes years off? A trick I learned from one of my older friends ;). Of course it also looks like we are down in a hole!

A few drinks later, we were tearing up the dance floor and then it was time for fun in the photo booth!

After the party, we wound our way back through the hotel and found an abandoned piano, so of course, we had to show off our talents. After all, our parents had spent a lot of money on those piano lessons. Impressive, hunh?
We stopped back by Terri & Eddie's on our way home for a night-cap and to tell them all about the ball.
Sunday, after a walk on the beach, Joyce left me & I spent the day watching old movies. I had thought I might get on the last flight back to Atlanta, but it looked like it would go out full so I didn't waste my time going to the airport.
Monday, I would have gotten on the 5:30AM flight but I didn't get up in time to go to the airport. I may try for the last flight out. It has gotten really hard to fly stand-by in and out of Jacksonville on the weekend. Thankfully I have no place urgent to be, so I can just play it by ear.
It was fun being an Honorary Pediatrician for the weekend!  Just call me Dr. Morris!

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