Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Curtains for Paws Awhile

If we're going to ask people to sleep on the new sofa-bed, we probably need to provide them with a little privacy, especially since our balcony is right beside the door where the neighbor comes out to smoke.

I went out shopping for some curtains to cover the sliding glass doors but came home empty handed. On the way back to the condo we stopped by our friend's house. She was taking down some curtains that she didn't need anymore.  She offered them to me.  I didn't think they were wide enough for the sliding glass doors, but I took them anyway.  They were the kind that have the 3 pleats at the top, and as suspected, they were too narrow.  But, if I undid the pleats and added some grommets, I decided that they would cover the space nicely.

The fabric at the top of the curtains was too thick though and the grommets would not close around it so I had to trim some of the excess fabric.

The grommet package had a template for cutting the holes in the top of the curtains.

I marked and cut the holes, pinning the fabric around the template so that I could cut all of the layers evenly.

 I had trouble getting the grommets to snap together until I figured out that I needed to apply even pressure to the entire ring.  This was accomplished using a wooden coaster.

I had to do some math to space the grommets out correctly. Once I got all of the grommets installed, it was time to mount the curtain rod.  I used a handy-dandy battery operated level thingy that I found in the junk box to make sure I got it level.

I hung the curtains and stood back to admire my handy-work!

Now our sofa-sleeping guests will have some privacy...

...but they'll have to get up early because these are not room-darkening curtains.

Oh well, I guess beggars can't be choosers!

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