Saturday, May 10, 2014

Paws Awhile - Tony and Lola's Workspace

Lola was having trouble performing her duties as a watch-cat because the window sill was too narrow. Not only was it not comfortable, but she kept falling off. Tony solved the problem by adding a wider sill where Lola could work!

Lola loves her new workspace! She can monitor the beach and the parking lot.

Tony was also having trouble performing work while we were at Paws Awhile.  He tried to work remotely a few times but complained that there are too many distractions. Since the place is so small, we didn't want to dedicate a space for him to have an office but we needed to figure out how he could get away from the distractions. We found a drop down table at IKEA that would fit perfectly under the master bedroom window and could be folded away when he wasn't working. He could close the bedroom door and have some privacy while he worked and have an added bonus of being able to have a view of the beach from his "office".

Now Lucy and I can enjoy our time at the beach and not be bothered by Lola and Tony!  :)

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