Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paws Awhile - Kickin' Up Dust

Finally, the tiling is finished!  We decided to do a quick turn around to Paws Awhile to check it out. The trip was actually dual purpose.  Lola (who is a Florida resident if anyone from Georgia DNR asks) was due for her rabies shot so we made her an appointment at a vet in Fernandina Beach. Lucy would also go with us since she doesn't like to stay home alone.  Tony took Friday off so we could get on an early flight.

Both animals act very excited when we put their harnesses on and get in the car, but that's where their excitement ends.  Lola sometimes gets traveler's diarrhea so we keep a litter box in the car just in case.  She didn't have a problem this time but screamed loudly and hid under the back seat on the ride to the airport. Lucy whimpered quietly and pawed for the window to be rolled down.

At The Parking Spot we stuffed them both into their carriers and got on the bus. Lola continued her yowling until we got to the Sky Club.  Lucy sat quietly, snacking on her biscoff cookies.

The flight was pretty full but we got two seats together.  Both animals were tucked securely under the seat in front of us.  Lucy is an old hand at flying so she just curled up in her carrier and went to sleep.  Lola, not so much.  She screamed LOUDLY on takeoff roll and tried to push her head through the zipper in her carrier.  It was all Tony could do to keep her in the container. Once we got in the air, she was better but she still yowled a few times to let us know she wasn't happy.

We borrowed our friend's car again which was a good thing because this was the weekend of the big car show and there were huge lines at all of the rental car counters.

When we got to the condo, we were very pleased with the tile but everything was coated in sheetrock dust. We set to work getting some of the furniture moved back into the living area from the master bedroom and then I started dusting.

We got a message on facebook from friends who were at the Ritz for the car show so we arranged to meet for a late lunch at Sliders.  We like to go to Sliders because they have a tiki bar that allows dogs.  They had a great tuna taco special and we really enjoyed catching up with our friends.  They stopped back by the condo on their way back to the Ritz. I'm sure our place made the Ritz seem...  well... shabby.

As we were saying goodbye to our friends, we got a text message from some other friends who wanted to meet for cocktails at The Surf.  My my, aren't we popular!  While we were at the Surf, Herb the Handyman called so I ran back to the condo to give him a check for the tile work. When I got back, our friends had left but more friends were joining us and wanted to take us to dinner!

Dinner was at La Mancha.  It is one of the top rated restaurants in Fernandina Beach, but I think the people who reviewed it must be independently wealthy or traveling on an expense account.  They serve Spanish food. It was good, but I have to say that I thought it wasn't worth the price and I wasn't even paying! A bowl of paella (rice, chicken & lamb) for two was $58!  We really enjoyed being with our friends though.  How blessed are we, to have 3 social outings in one day?

With the bedroom cleared out, the 4 of us had plenty of room for sleeping.

We got up early so Lola could get ready for her vet appointment.  We really liked the new vet. She seemed very thorough and Lola got a clean bill of health.

When we got back to the condo, we took the girls for a walk on the beach. Lola did great!  She seemed to really enjoy strolling down the beach and she got lots of attention, much to Lucy's chagrin.  It was a beautiful day.

I did a little more dusting and mopping and then we met our friends at Blue Moon Pizza for lunch.  Thumbs up for Blue Moon! I got a slice and Tony got a calzone.

We stopped into Ace Hardware to get a new filter for our A/C unit.  We were afraid all of the sheetrock dust might damage the unit.

Lucy and I had time for one more quick walk on the beach before we loaded up and headed back for the airport. Lola did great getting through security and sitting in the Sky Club, but on the airplane she repeated the performance from the previous morning. We're going to have to figure out a way to calm her down when she flies.  I don't want to drug her but maybe some homeopathic solution would work.

We're planning to go down again this weekend for an Oyster Roast but I don't think Lola will be invited.

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