Monday, August 12, 2013

Money Money Money!

Here's another one of my "In the Pocket" applique embroidery designs.  I've had a lot of fun with this one.  I've worn it to Vegas, on tax day, to a house closing and to a charity auction!  I've gotten a number of double-takes.  People enjoy trying to take the money out of my pocket!

To create the design, I took some money out of Tony's wallet and scanned it.  He never missed it, so I didn't see any need to put it back.  :)

I had fun doing the digitizing.  It took awhile to get it to look realistic.  I had to do a lot of samples before I got something I was satisfied with.

This one is pretty simple to stitch out.  There's just one little difference between this and most of my other applique designs.  The satin stitch that holds the applique in place is stitched after the rest of the design instead of immediately after tacking down the applique fabric.  Let me explain.

The first series of stitches is the placement line.  It is sewn on the hooped garment to show where to put the applique fabric.  Then the applique fabric is placed over the placement stitch and the next series is stitched.  This is the tack-down stitch.  Normally, you would trim around the applique fabric at this point, but with this design, I wait to do the trimming until after I have stitched out the interior of the design.

Once the interior of the design has stitched, but before the satin stitch starts, I trim around the applique fabric.

The satin stitch finishes the edge of the applique and then, if desired, the pocket can be appliqued on using the standard applique method, folding the top edge of the pocket fabric to the inside before placing it over the placement line.  After the tack-down stitch, trim away the excess fabric and sew the satin stitch to finish the edge.

There you have it!  Money in your pocket!

If desired, you can just applique the money on an existing garment that has a pocket and skip the appliqued pocket.  This is what I did on my shirt.

This design is for sale in my Etsy Shop.  If you know any embroidery enthusiasts, please tell them about my shop!

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