Friday, February 10, 2012

High School is no place to develop Self-Esteem

I found my diary from high school in a box of stuff from my parents' house.  The section about finding a date for the Junior-Senior Prom would be funny if it weren't so sad. 

Here are some excerpts:

     "Me and Anna and Deanne talked about a date for the Junior-Senior and Deanne suggested her brother Todd to go with either me or Anna.  ...then she asked him if somebody asked him to the Jefferson Junior-Senior, would he go, and he said it would depend on who asked him. Deanna told him that me and Anna needed a date for it.  "...we went outside and talked some more.  Deanna asked him again and he said he would let her know."

     "I went to Phyllis' house that night and we called Jeff to ask him to go to the Junior-Senior with me.  Jeff said he didn't know, that he would call me back.  ...Jeff hasn't called me back yet.  If he doesn't call by tomorrow I'm going to call him..."

     "I'm going to ask Denise if she thinks one of her old boyfriends will go to the Junior-Senior..."

     "Jay called and said that Phyllis had gotten a letter from Jeff and he wouldn't be able to go to the Jr. Sr. with me."

     "I called Jay Sunday night and we talked about somebody to go to the Junior Senior with me.  Jay suggested that he would get one of Mrs. Walker's sons to go with me.  So Monday, he talked to Mrs. Walker and she said she thought one of them would go. He gave her one of my Senior pictures to show them.  Tuesday, Jay said that Mrs. Walker's sons had already made plans for the weekend, and wouldn't be able to make it."

     "Jay said he was going to call Lee and see if she could get me a date with a guy from Commerce for the Junior-Senior."  Wednesday night at square-dancing, I gave Lee a picture of me.  Lee told Jay that she had just about gotten this guy named Tommy talked into going and she thought if I called him he would go.  I called Tommy.  He made up some excuse about his cousin being sick."

     "Saturday was the day of the Jr. Sr. and I didn't have a date...  I went by the cafeteria to look at the decor of the Junior-Senior.  The theme was 'You've got a Ticket to Ride' and 'Paradise Lost' was playing."

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