Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Feet

I stayed up really late one night because I didn't have to work the next day. When I snuck into bed next to my peacefully sleeping husband I tried to be very quiet so as not to wake him since he had to work the next day. I couldn't, however, resist the urge to warm the two little ice cubes that I call feet on his legs. I scooted over close and tried to put my feet on him, but I couldn't get to him. The sheet was between us. After several attempts to move it out of the way, I determined that he was on top of the sheet, between the sheet and the comforter. Knowing that he wouldn't want to sleep that way, I gently shook him. "Tony, you're on top of the sheet.", I whispered. "Hunh? Oh, Okay", he said as he started to adjust. After floundering around for a few minutes, he got out of the bed and stood next to it. He fiddled with the sheets for a few more minutes before he finally determined what the problem was. "YOU, are under the FITTED sheet."

I laughed for 30 minutes. I felt a little bad for disturbing him since he had to work the next day but I just couldn't stop laughing!  

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